6 Effective Ways to Stay Ahead Of or Adjust to Change

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We confess we have been quiet at Ford Business Consultants and it has been on purpose. During the last month of this election you could wonder if anyone was listening. (Bear with us, THIS ARTICLE IS ABOUT CHANGE, NOT THE ELECTION RESULTS…wait for it……) This election was clearly one of the most divisive and hotly contested races in recent history. With the results in and a couple of days to absorb the outcome, one thing I can assure you is that you will wake up tomorrow the same person you were the day before.  If you want change YOU have to make it happen.case_lg_banner_2

The passion shown and hard work displayed by some to get their candidate chosen was over the top. What a country this would be if we could actually work together or at least show empathy and a little compromise to get things done. The mountains we could move would be inspirational to all and give us a huge sense of accomplishment.  

Although the election for President of the United States is getting all the attention, there were other issues voted on that will affect you on a local level.  Definitely closer to home, more direct issues that may impact your business and your family; ballot/article items.  

We have been receiving emails and calls from some of our business owners that are concerned about ballot items that were voted in.  As an example, the state of Maine will be increasing the minimum wage to $12 an hour over the next 4 years. If you are a business owner, patron, employee or tourist this will affect you.  Some of our clients in the restaurant trade are especially concerned because of the tip credit formula in use. We have written many white paper articles and helped clients in other states with this issue.

We just completed a project working with a restauranteur that has 2 eateries. We developed changes to address the required FUTURE changes so that his businesses will be in compliance. This business owner could see the potential changes on the horizon and wanted to be prepared. He is now ready and able to deal with the changes foisted upon him and is able to focus on other MORE IMPORTANT issues like how to bring in more customers to ensure that he and his employees have plenty of business.

If you think that these changes will never reach your state, THINK AGAIN.    Be forewarned that we expect other states to take notice of the results and forge ahead without the federal government. If you are in business or in management you will want to be ahead of this if it has happened in neighboring states.   This particular new law applies to all business in all industries that are using the minimum wage.

Are there any other warrant articles or ballot questions that passed that could affect your operation? Now is the time to take action, evaluate your options and forge a plan. “Luck favors the prepared” rings true. With every storm that comes up and casts doom and gloom, there is sunshine that will return. What we mean here is that this can work both ways. Sure we can pay more wages but we will also expect more from our employee’s. Set expectations and train the way you want your business to operate, it is no longer enough to just show up. This is an excellent time to embrace the changes you want or have to be make!  


Change and How to Stay Ahead Of It                images-1

  1. Stay informed: Read, listen and participate in industry discussions.
  2. Think: How will these changes, if enacted, affect me or my business?
  3. Plan: Strategize solutions for addressing the potential changes you will need to make to comply. Look at pros and cons.
  4. Act: When the time arrives enact your plan.
  5. Analyze: Analyze the results.
  6. Adjust: Tweak the plan when necessary.


We help small business owners and managers with change by having a conversation, collaboration and provide effective solutions to address the challenges that keep you up at night. Make a change, take some action today and give us a call.

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Richard and DeeDee Ford

Authors of Zero Dollars To Finish


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