During your career as an entrepreneur and leader, have there been times that you haven’t had the clarity you were hoping for to reach the solution to a problem?

Or have you thought that perhaps an outsider would bring about a refreshing perspective to a challenge you are tackling? photo-business-tree-growth-12670

Are there occasions where you aspire to implement a new policy or procedure and your staff would respond more favorably to an outsider even though you may have a great relationship with them? 

In our years of consulting and coaching we have had the pleasure of assisting businesses just like yours with these and many other types of challenges.

We bring our vast knowledge of owning and operating a successful business to you and your business. You see, we owned a company that was open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and 75% of our staff was off-site! We were hands on owners and never asked a staff member to perform a task that we had not done ourselves. Therefore, we know the challenges that are faced everyday and we know how to overcome them.

Logistics, customer service, vendor relations, insurance and regulatory compliance etc etc etc, you know exactly what we are referring to.

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We offer a “no cost” get to know each other consult. We would enjoy talking about your challenges and offering solutions resulting in you thinking and feeling better about your business.


Remember, by going the extra mile you still arrive ahead of everyone else!