How To Retain Me and Motivate Me

I am now entrenched in your company and for the most part satisfied with my work. Although, I am always looking for the next opportunity and what is going to be best for me.

Week 4 {A four week series on hiring, training, engaging and motivating your largest asset; your employee

The Challenge: How to retain staff. This is always a topic our consulting/coaching clients want to talk about. You have money and time invested in your employees and you want them to stay.


  • Show me the money! Yes it is important and is needed to pay for our basic needs. Money however, in our case studies, has shown not to be the deciding factor in taking or staying with a particular job.
  • Money will also not motivate someone to work harder at a job they do not want to be at. You may get short term results but this is not a sustainable model. Would you accept an employee telling you that they hate the job and are only there for the money?
  • Larger issues your staff is dealing with include; making a contribution, realizing their potential and having a feeling of accomplishment. Most people feel satisfied at the end of a work day if they have reached their goal.

As the leader you say; “Ok I get it, what can I do to better the situation for my employees? Listen to what an employee had to say during a recent sit down at a client’s place of business:

  • Be a leader; lead by example. Show us staff the way, don’t tell us. A leader that is in the trenches will surely have a following.
  • When you can, make work fun. Can you have a contest among employees or departments? Who handles the most calls or clients during a month or who had the best conversion rate of new sales? How about error free? Rewards can be simple; a restaurant gift card, a ½ day off with pay or a preferred parking spot for a month. Be creative, do the unexpected and avoid being predictable.
  • Give staff room to grow and if possible advance.
  • Offer praise in public, reprimand always behind closed doors.
  • Be by my side and not over me.
  • Seek my opinion on how to improve the process. Who would know better than I that our customer service needs improvement? I deal with the concerns and complaints every day.

Review Maslow’s Hierarchy and gain insight on motivation. Treat your employees with respect and remember that you are all on the same side. If you aren’t there will not be balance and your profits and growth will suffer.

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Richard and DeeDee Ford, Author Zero Dollars To Finish

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