Setting Goals One Telephone Pole at a Time

Setting goals one telephone pole at a time sounds weird right? I have been evaluating my goal setting strategy lately to make sure that I am setting them realistically yet just outside of my comfort zone.  So, back to the title……I am an avid exerciser. I enjoy all types but generally walk between 2 and 5 miles a day. Often I use the telephone poles as a marker and try to push myself further than I had initially planned on walking. The distance between the poles is not far and generally I am able to add a few more “bonus poles” to my routine. goal 4

I find that I handle most of my personal and business goals in the same way. I have a desired outcome and I push myself to achieve that outcome or beyond. 

However, there are some things that on some days can drag me down. On my walk for example, today it poured rain during the last mile and then there was a nasty deer fly buzzing around my head for the last two miles. Both of these are impediments and I could have got on my trusty cellphone and called home for a lift. I did not. I pushed through, drenched and waving my arms like a crazy person to keep the deer fly from biting me. Why? I had a goal. Today I was going to walk five miles and I was not going to let anything get in my way. I realize that some goals are more involved and lofty than exercise and that you will need more determination and grit than perhaps you are accustomed to summoning. The principles remain the same.

goal 1

Do you set goals for yourself? Are they achievable and rewarding? What tips can you share that will help me and others stay on course and if needed push ourselves?  

To Your Success,


DeeDee & Richard Ford

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  1. Hugh Culver

    Great tip! I use the same idea for my writing – I push until I get to first draft, all the way through. I tell myself once I get the first draft down I’m good for a break.

    1. DeeDee and Richard

      Anything that works and makes us more productive is awesome! How do you eat an elephant? one bite at a time. Thanks Hugh

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