Warm Season’s Greetings The GingerBread Men Are Delicious


The Gingerbread men are out of the oven and they are delicious! See how good they look!

Do something nice for yourself.

A warm season’s greetings to all our friends and fans,

I say it every year to my wife Dee Dee….”has Christmas arrived fast this year or what?”

We get so caught up in managing living and working day to day that the season can be overwhelming. For some the spirit of the season is well in hand and arriving smoothly, for some it brings panic! Some free advice that may be helpful to consider enjoying the season and all of the delights it brings:

 Slow it down, that’s right, you are in charge of you.

Take a moment and get organized, write down what the highest priorities are and what   takes the most time and get on it.

Make time to exercise and guard your health as that is what matters most.

The days before Christmas are getting short if Christmas is coming in a box from a delivery person, order today to avoid disappointment.

Take time for yourself, get another cup of coffee and turn on a holiday movie or show, it does make a change in your mood. Somewhere I have Frosty the Snow man waiting on the DVR.  

If you have some coins in your pocket put them in any red kettle, your spare change makes a difference. Give an hour or two to a charity, have a pet? drop off a bag of food at an animal shelter. All these actions make you take stock of all that you are blessed with and giving a bit to others enriches the community you live and work in.

Taking some of my own advice, I am headed to the kitchen to make and bake some simple gingerbread men. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of these cookies I would get at a long gone bakery with my grandmother. I have the cutter and recipe in hand, wish me luck! I will post the results in a photo shortly.

Take the time this holiday season to enjoy and create your own memories.

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