What Do You Do??

Greetings Clients and Friends,

What a great summer season it has been. We trust you had some time to do the things you had to, like outdoor projects but more importantly we hope you were able to take some time to enjoy the weather and perhaps travel some or make it to the lake or beach.IMG_0874

We did and still managed to work with our clients. In case you missed it we rode our motorbikes to Montreal Canada to work with a client for a few days.  

With Labor Day behind us, we hope you notice an uptick in business like we do every year. 

Business people are on the move again! 

We met with a client recently; we will share more about her story in a minute. She was having some problems turning contact with perspective clients into revenue. We uncovered that she really didn’t sell the magnificent work that she does. This made us think about how we expressed what it is that we do. At an event or social gathering the question always comes up….. What do you do? We really had to give this some thought. We help businesses become more successful but its more than just that. People are curious by nature and always ask; “What can you do for my business”? We consider this to be our moment in the spotlight. We are so passionate about business and the success of business leaders that the answer always rolls of our tongues: 

Yes, we are…

business mentors/coaches and consultants which always gets a blank stare. This does not sound very exciting so we offer the following instead….. “We assist small businesses with areas of profitability, growth and cost savings to maximize their full potential and feel good about their business”.
This always leads to more questions and conversation around our work as people are generally interested.

If you had a one minute conversation with someone about your occupation what would you say?
A Real Life Story
Let me give another example. We worked with a business owner last year who was just starting out. She makes fine desserts and sells them wholesale to restaurants. Many restaurants are very happy to outsource this work as desserts are a high profit item on the menu but costly to keep a skilled bakery and pastry chef on staff. By outsourcing, the owner can cut down on their labor costs. In talking with our client and sampling her confections, we were impressed. My cake at home never comes out this fluffy and tasty! She lamented that her sales hadn’t risen (pardon her pun) as well as she had thought.

We had a one day strategy session and brainstormed together about her biggest challenge which was getting noticed and converting perspective clients into paying clients. Her inquires to restaurants were going unanswered. We needed a new approach and we suggested the following…… In today’s busy business environment you only have a minute to capture and hold a prospective buyer’s interest, Click To Tweet maybe even less than that. Her old pitch was “I am a baker of fine desserts to the restaurant trade”, boring and not going to keep the reader interested. We “baked up” this introduction……. “I increase a restaurants profits and guest dining pleasure by making the finest desserts and cakes available, delivered to your door”.

If you were in the restaurant business, wouldn’t you read on? This inquiry with a follow up phone call has gotten our client more face time in front of the decision makers. We also suggested that she bring along sample sizes of her fine desserts to try on the spot. The results are in and sales are up. Our client is well on her way to expanding her operation so she can keep up with increased demand.

Think about this the next time you are asked, what is it that you do? How will you answer?

If you want more out of your business, send us an inquiry or pick up the phone. In talking with you we get down to the issues that keep you up at night and we work with you to fix whatever it is about your business that bothers you. Take a moment and read what our clients have said about the work we have done together. We are hardworking passionate business people interested in your success. We want to help you reach your goals, like we did ours.  It costs nothing for you  to talk with us. When is the last time you heard that? Pick up the phone, what do you have to lose or better yet, what do you have to gain!
To Your Success,
Richard & DeeDee Ford
Ford Business Consultants

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